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My dog Budgie has a new found love for coffee. Whenever there's a cup of coffee sitting out on the table she'll wander by and her tongue will come darting out into the cup when she thinks no one is looking.

So I made this collar in honor of her with. It's got coffee cups, grinders, and coffee on it.

Hand made and tested on my own dogs for durability.

The collar is available in 3/4", 1", 1.5" (+ $2)and 2" (+ $2) widths. It is made with heavy duty polypropylene webbing with a fabric covering with heavy duty welded hardware and a plastic buckle.

The collar can also be made in martingale style for an additional $3

Our sizing is as follows:

X-Small: 8"-12"
Small: 12"-15"
Medium: 14"-18"
Large: 17"-24"
X-Large: 20"-29"
XX-Large: 28-34"

Caninus Coffee Lovers Collar

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