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Budgie (left) & Basil in 2001


Tex (left) & Gizmo

 Lulu, Spanky and Tex (from front to back)


Caninus began in 2001 as the first dog-fronted band ever.  Singers Budgie and Basil (RIP) are both pitbull mixes rescued from shelters in the New York City area.  After releasing a CD and several split 7"s gaining notoriety on the Howard Stern show, singers Budgie & Basil, decided to start their own line of collars, with the help of their mom, Rachel.   Rachel has been involved in animal rescue for the last 15 years, volunteering her time at shelters in New Jersey walking dogs, fostering and taking photos for petfinder.   She has also spent almost the last 20 years, playing guitar and bass for several hardcore bands, the most well known being Indecision and Most Precious Blood.


Sadly we lost Basil in 2010 and Budgie in 2016.  In 2004, we adopted an amazing pitbull named Tex, and then another pitbull mix in 2009, named Gizmo.  We lost Gizmo in April of 2015 and Tex in January of 2019.  Our current pack consists of Spanky, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and his Chihuahua pitbull mix sister Lulu.    We all live happily together in Orange, CA. We always encourage adoption as shelter dogs make the best pets.


All collars are made to order with heavy duty nylon webbing, all welded metal hardware and contoured plastic buckles, for added comfort. Our 1.5 inch & 2 inch width collars have flat plastic buckles. The collars are made either with a 100% cotton fabric covering or a ribbon covering, depending on the design.  Collars made with fabric the design may have different placement on the collar than pictured making each collar slightly different and unique.  Our faux leather collars are made with of heavy duty biothane. 

Collars can be hand washed in warm water with soap, placed on the top level of a dishwasher, or placed in a washing machine on a delicate cycle. 


Please be aware that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep your pet safe at all times.  While we honor the integrity of our products, Caninus will not be held liable for any injury to you or your pet should your pet break free from his/her collar.  Always check your collar periodically for wear and tear.


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