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Official Madball dog collar! Show your hardcore pride and your love of one of the best hardcore bands ever with this dog collar.

Madball Dog Collar

  • The collar is made with sturdy printed polyester webbing and comes standard with a black buckle. The artwork is printed directly onto the webbing and can get wet and be washed without causing any fading or discoloration to the image. The collar can also be made in martingale style with or without a buckle. Martingale collars have an extra loop which a leash attaches to, which allows the collar to tighten a certain amount, preventing the dog from slipping out of the collar.All of our collars are manufactured with welded metal hardware and a contoured plastic buckle for 5/8", 1". 1.5" width collars will have a contoured buckle up to size Medium. 1.5" width collars L - XXL will have a flat buckle. Standard martingale collars do not have buckles and are slip over the head collars.  Our sizing is as follows: X-Small: 8"-12" Small: 12"-15" Medium: 14"-18" Large: 17"-24" X-Large: 20"-29" XX-Large: 28-34"

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